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Kuruma Youth Meeting is organised @ 3.00 PM on 19th April. Please make sure your are present.

Welcome to the world of Kurumas and www.apkurumas.org
What is the purpose of this site, you may wonder?
The purpose is to bring together members of Kuruma community across the globe on one platform With a hoary past that dates back to over 5,000 years kurumas are recognised as a vibrant and dynamic community with a healthy mix of rich culture, unique traditions, and strong heritage Our goal is to ensure that the rich legacy of kurumas is preserved and nourished so that future generations can feel proud of their glorious past and carry forward the greatness of their legacy In addition, we seek to foster greater ties and community feelings among the kurumas
As we focus ahead, we aim at making this site more dynamic and more useful In the pipeline, we have several plans such as monthly e-newsletters, regular news, features, etc to cater to the needs of the kurumas worldwide It is here, we seek your co-operation, sincere participation, guidance and suggestions to carry forward our goals and plans successfully, in line with your expectations
To be a part of the growing Kuruba community, please register yourself as a member and help us connect every Kuruma to www.apkurumas.org
In case, you wish to contact us for more details, please do so at apkuruma@gmail.com





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